Let’s pretend your monthly budget is $2000 a month for two adult people, the trick is to list out your expenses to see how much money goes where and how much you will have left over.


Rent: $835

Remainder after rent: $1165


Utilities *gas, water, etc*: $175

Remainder after utilities: $990


Insurance *car & health*: $150

Remainder after insurance: $840


Internet: $45

Remainder after internet: $795


Groceries *to include household items too*: $200 ($50 a week)

Remainder after groceries: $595


Cell Phone: $100

Remainder after cell phone: $495


Gas *two cars*: $100

Remainder after gas: $395


*Total Remainder- $395*


“Fun money” *shopping, going out, movies, etc*: $95

Savings: $300 (that’s $3,600 in a year provided you don’t have need to use it)


This is just a sample budget with sample numbers, but it’s exactly the same way we make our budget at home. We almost always come out under budget in every category, which allocates the leftover money either into our “fun money” or to our savings. Any “fun money” that doesn’t get spent, or if you choose not to spend it, can go either into savings or stocks.