What to Buy In Bulk

When you are a family of just two people, going to a wholesale market such as Costco or Sam’s Club can seem kind of excessive, however there are some things I have found that buying there saves us SO much money!


Cleaning products: if nothing else, these are my top recommended things to buy at Costco. Seriously, it’s May and all of our cleaning products we have had since January and there is no sign of them running out anytime soon. Cleaning products are annoyingly expensive and I am just not a huge fan of homemade cleaners, so if I only have to buy them once or twice a year then I get to cut them out of my weekly grocery budget entirely.


Product Kroger Costco
Clorox Clean Up $4.69 for  1 32oz bottle $10.89 for 1 32oz bottle and 1 180 oz refill *that’s about $11 for about 6.7 full bottles of cleaner*
Windex $5.29 for 1 26oz bottle $14.39 for 1 32oz bottle and 128oz refill *that’s 5 bottles of windex*
Tide $28.09 for a 150oz container $20.98 for 170oz *more tide for less money*
Downy $11.49 for a 103oz container $11.36 for 170oz container *again, more product less money*
Swiffer Mop/refill $30.48 for a starter pack

$18.59 for 24 refill pads

$22.99 for a starter pack (with more refills)

$18.79 for a 60 count refill pads

Cascade Dishwasher Tabs $15.89 for a 46 count $21.99 for a 90 count


I hope you see why this works!


Meat: meat varies a lot in price so I can’t make a pretty little table for it, but I can tell you that last time I looked for chicken in Kroger it was almost $6 for two chicken breasts, and I get a pack of 12 chicken breasts at Costco for under $16. Which, for meal planning, is great! Obviously, the same principle applies for other meats too.


Snacks: buying snacks in bulk is always a good idea if you are big snackers. We are not but Jacob does love his Doritos and it is usually a way better value for us to get them at Costco, unless there is a good deal at Kroger. These are options you just have to weigh when you are planning your lists!


Other: Socks, Underwear (mens at least), water filter refills, cute umbrellas, movie tickets- the list goes on!
Remember, always check around different stores for the best deals!


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